SkyPro Mega Sound Series is a Mid-Range frequency tweeters with nice specifications and power. The construction of this tweeter is redesigned and produced from strong ABS plastic material (cone and dome) which is proven to be durable against the vibrations. Apart from the usual swiftlet tweeters we see in the market, the MS Series re-engineered its tweeter’s shape and sound-flow to enhanced the sound travel from the dome to make it more appealing to swiftlets. The sound reproduction from the MS SERIES is precise, strong and is specially engineered perfectly for use in professional swiftlet farming industry.

The Skypro MS SERIES are engineered by Sound Engineers from Germany, Singapore and Malaysia swiftlet farming specialist, the MS SERIES were indeed reproduced with precise audio engineering and swiftlet farming with more than 30 years of experience, caters perfectly well in the swiftlet farming industry.


A swiftlet solutions company offering innovative swiftlet equipments and solutions to the swiftlet farming industry.

Originally from Malaysia with more than 20 years of history in the swiftlet farming industry
Skypro has strategically headquartered recently in Singapore.

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